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SoSouth Interviews: Featured Artists of DJ Screw's "3'N The Mornin" Lil' Keke, PSK-13, C-Note of The Botany Boys, K-Rino and Russell Washington.

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 Journalists Matt Sonzala and Creg Lovett sits with Houston Rap Legends Lil KeKe, C-Note of the Botany Boys, K-Rino and PSK-13 to discuss DJ Screw's impact on Hip-Hop Music and the creation process of 3 in the Morning. CEO of Big Tyme Records - Russel Washington, is also present at the roundtable. Read or watch the Interview below.   Creg: Who was the first person you ever met from the Houston rap scene? Did you go to school with anyone? PSK-13: I have all kinds of stories about that. I went to school with Egypt E, Deuce, Dope E and...

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