Look At Me Now - Yellow/Gold 7" Vinyl w/Poster & Sticker (Mc 3-2 & Def Jam Blaster as Private Identity)

Mr. 3-2

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The year was 1989 when Def Jam Blaster and MC 3-2 (Mr. 3-2) were recording songs under the group name "Private Identity". At that time both Blaster and 3-2 were affiliated with Short Stop Records which was responsible for the "Scarface" release as well as the mega-hit "Wanna Be A Baller". In fact Def Jam Blaster & 3-2 are both on the cover of the Scarface's 1989 release. Although nothing was ever released by this group 3-2 went on to sign with Rap-A-Lot Records and become part of the Convicts with Big Mike, Blac Monks and eventually a successful solo artist. If your from Houston you already know Mr. 3-2 was also a member of the Screwed Up Click.

Thanks to On The Good Foot Music for bringing out this rare gem that may have otherwise never been unheard.

Side A: Look At Me Now 
Side B: Massive Murda

Limited to 300 pressed.

Package comes with:

Yellow/Gold Colored Vinyl 7"

11"x17" Poster

4"x4" Sticker